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Guernsey celebrates travelator anniversary

B&Q are inviting the public to visit the store this week to help staff celebrate a momentous occasion in Guernsey retail customer transportation.

It has been seven years since the island received its first travelator, courtesy of forward-thinking B&Q planners. To mark the anniversary the bosses at the DIY store are laying on a variety of special events this Saturday.

“It’s been a wild seven years”

For the first time under-21’s will be allowed to ride the space-age walkways and one lucky travelating customer, picked at random, will have the chance to name the two beautiful auto-gradients, one of which goes up, the other down. Along with the privilege of christening the bewitched slopes the winner will receive VIP access to the travelators for life.

“It’s been a wild seven years,” said moving-stair maintenance man Rod Siverette. “When they were first unveiled to the public there was a lot of excitement. Our travelators had longer queues than ‘Vertigo’ at Alton Towers.”

As part of the celebrations 80’s popstars The Thompson Twins will take to the elevator to perform a 30 second set of their recent hits.

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